Department of Sales and Marketing travelled in XIAMEN.

For purpose of releasing stress and cultivating teamwork of employees, our company has organized a Xiamen Tourism from October 24 ~ 26, 2014.
Xiamen is a modern international port tourist city with a 5A-level scenic spots - Gulangyu. It is located in the southwest corner of Xiamen Island, cross the Sea with Xiamen Island. Formerly called Yuanshazhou, Yuanzhouzi, Because there are many sea caves in southwestern beach by wave impact, sound like thunders, then change to this name during The Ming dynasty.
Due to historical reasons, Chinese and foreign styles of buildings were perfectly collect together and retain in this place, with "International Architecture Exhibition," said here. This island also is a fertile ground for music, which appear a wealth of talent. Piano has a density ranks highest in the country, so it got a good name "Piano Island", "music village", is a very romantic tourist attractions. (11-01-2014)

Neicuoao port photo
(Neicuoao port photo)

Gulangy photo
(Gulangy photo)

Xiamen Cengcuoan photo
(Xiamen Cengcuoan photo)