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Model Input voltage O/P condition Typical
Output voltage Output current Max power
(V) (A) (W) Min%
BJ-MKS0900500 100-240V;50-60Hz;0.5A 3-12 0.3-1 9 80
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Linear power supply
Product details
* Protection Function:
* Energy standard:
* Safety standard: UL60950:2011, GB4943-2001;PSE IEC60950, EN60065;EN60950:2009, EN60065;EN61558-2-6;With CE (low-voltage Directive);AS/NZS 60950:2000, AS/NZS60065
* Material:
* Color:
* Size:
* Weight:
* Work environment: 0°C ~ 40°C/10-90%RH
* Storage environment: -20°C ~ 60°C/10-95%RH
* Input interface: EU/VDC (EU), the US (North America), PSE (Japan), SAA (Aust, NZ), BS (UK,HK),Brazil, South Africa, CCC (China), EK (Korea) and more
* Output interface:
* Cooling mode: natural cooling